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Diesel Clean Blog


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Pre-season checks.

Posted on 1 February, 2012 at 16:31 Comments comments (38)
Happy new year, Diesel Clean Machine is looking forward to its first full season in business and can not wait to clean out all those dirty fuel tanks out there.
It's always advisable if running your engine for the first time in a while and especially if there has been a lot of rain or snow to check your fuel tank has not been contaminated with water, the first obvious way  is simply to check your fuel level to see if it has increased since your last check (if you know) which would indicate a major leak. There is also a way of checking for smaller amounts of water, this can be done by dipping the fuel tank with a water finding paste, such as 'Kolor Kut' which is a yellow paste which goes crimson when in contact with water. You would need to dip in the area of the fuel pick up lines as this is usually the lowest point of the fuel tank.
If there is no major water ingress and you cannot dip your fuel tank but are quite happy with the fact there may be no or very little water just check your water seperator before and while running to make sure it is not filling with water. This is also advisable after your first run out as when the fuel stirs any water that has seperated and is hiding in the tank may be sucked up.
If you are suspicious of water in your fuel tank never run your engine as serious damage could occur to your fuel system, any water will seperate to the bottom of the fuel tank and can be sucked out or drained if your tank has one.
If the water has been there for a long time it is very possible that 'diesel bug' may of started to breed so treating your fuel would be advisable after an incident.
All of the advise above can also be carried out by myself and fixed if required so don't be shy to contact me for any advise.
Here is to everyone wanting a trouble free season and a hot summer!!!

Dirty Fuel

Posted on 4 November, 2011 at 8:59 Comments comments (39)
Im coming across a lot of dirty fuel at the moment in older yachts. Having talked to the owners they do not think they need to have there tank cleaned because they are putting in clean fuel. What they dont know is that diesel deteriorates over time so when there fuel is not used up it will produce a sediment that will fall to the bottom of the fuel tank and build up over time.
Using a fuel stabiliser may help reduce this but having your tank diesel cleaned will remove most of this sediment so it does not reach your fuel filters. Probably once every 3 years would be acceptable.

Diesel bug problems!!

Posted on 26 October, 2011 at 11:35 Comments comments (91)
I am currently coming across diesel bug problems almost every day at the moment due to people servicing there boats and finding evidence left in there diesel fuel filters. Only an hour ago i had a call from a potential client who was in Chichester and lost engine power due to a blocked diesel filter, which sounded very much like the dreaded diesel bug.
 Fuel polishing is the only answer to have the best chance of removing the diesel bug, it will remove any water, which diesel bug lives in, whilst filtering the diesel bug out returning your fuel back to the fuel tank clean. 
After which a dose of diesel bug killer will stop any more diesel bug forming.
Just adding diesel bug killer without diesel polishing will kill the bug but it will stay in your fuel tank until it is filtered out by your engine fuel filters and will just block them up again!
If your fuel tanks have not been cleaned in the last 5 years it may be advisable to call Diesel Clean Machine for a quote, otherwise the next time you get caught in a bit of a chop out on the water you may stir up more than you bargained for.


Posted on 21 October, 2011 at 11:50 Comments comments (21)
This is my new website to promote my diesel filtration service. I have found in my line of work that an awful lot of breakdowns are due to blocked fuel filters caused by contaminated fuel and diesel bug. Diesel bug grows in your fuel tanks and actually lives between the diesel and water, simply put if you have no water the bug cant develope. Diesel cleaning will remove any water and filter out most contaminated fuel and diesel bug. The system is known as diesel polishing and the aim is to remove most if not all contaminated fuel so your fuel filters do not block up between services, simple!
I am a marine engineer based in the Southampton area but will travel, even to the Isle of Wight.